Providing the finest and comprehensive range of quality and cost efficient Controlled Bolting Solutions to various Industries.

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One stop solution providers to Bolting Jobs by providing allied services as well as Turnkey Project Management related to Bolting, Tools on rent and efficient Manpower.

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Bringing innovative technologies into our project management strategies which enable us to carry out optimum work plan to accomplish objectives of our customers.

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About us

We have a reputation for providing the highest quality and most comprehensive Controlled Bolting Solutions to various Industries, including Oil & Gas, Petroleum & Refineries, Chemical Plant, Power Plants, Cement Plants to name a few. Vinipro Engineers LLP is focused on giving their clients the best of science and technology in the field of Controlled Bolting Solutions at an affordable cost.

about Excellence with Perfection

Incorporated in 2016, Vinipro Engineers LLP is a young and dynamic company whose focus is on serving industries where controlled bolting is very essential. Providing these “Services” is our major offering; however our company also supplies tools and tackles required for Controlled Bolting jobs across multiple locations in India. Our company is also registered under “Small Scale Industry” with “Government of India”. Within one year of incorporation, we have worked with many leading companies’; registered with few PSU’s and have now have penetrated the Gulf market. Within two years of operation, our company turnover is approx. 3.4 crores and growing. We have added yet another feather to our cap by commencing manufacturing of allied products.


  • To provide a complete range of Bolting Solutions to our customers
  • To capture maximum market share in India
  • To be a trusted brand name for services and tools around the globe
  • To create a safe and secure working environment
  • Continuous improvement with focus on implementing new technology in all our works

In our products range, we sell Impact Sockets, Slugging Wrenches and Socket Accessories of our own brand “Orbitx” . We also deliver High Performance Hydraulic Tools, Bolting Tools, Tube Tools and Non Sparking tools.

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“ Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better.
When it does not exist, DESIGN IT.”

Henry Royce

Our Products

Providing the finest and comprehensive range of quality and cost efficient Controlled Bolting Solutions to various Industries.

Our Services

We are one stop solutions providers to Bolting Jobs, providing allied services like Flange Facing, Pipe Cutting, Re-tubbing.

Serving various industries with a wide range of on-site services that are designed for Speed, Accuracy and Ease of Operation. Whether it is required for Heavy Engineering Industries, Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals & Fertilizers or Railways, we offer a complete range of precision engineered instruments and services, customized as per our clients’ needs and requirements.

Major Services


    Achieving the correct load on any fastener accurately and safely is much more complex than it appears. There are many factors to overcome such as thread deflection, embedment relaxation, gasket creep, and other direct load losses. Torque tightening uses the turning moment of a nut on the inclined plane of the thread at a predetermined force to load the fasteners, thus overcoming variables created by friction.


    Bolt tensioning is a controlled method for bringing a series of bolts to the correct preload simultaneously. This method typically involves linear hydraulic bolt tightening. Bolt tensioning involves the use of hydraulic jacks (bolt tensioners). Applying oil pressure in the bolt tensioners makes the bolts stretch and the flange faces are pressed towards each other. Bolt tensioning involves multiple bolts in a flanged joint being tightened simultaneously. The bolt tensioners are linked together by hydraulic hoses, ensuring that each bolt is tightened with exactly the same force. This results in a uniform load on the gasket in the flanged joint.

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Our Team

Meet our experts

With a team of highly qualified and experienced Engineers, skilled staff and all kinds/range of tools at our disposal; we are well qualified to execute projects of controlled bolting in any part of the world. We have executed projects which have required the most comprehensive bolting solutions to companies such as IOCL, HMEL, Crains Barmer, MRPL, HPCL, BPCL, L&T, Bridge & Roof, and others. Adhering to the principles and requirement of Lean Management, our focus is to help our customers fulfill their requirements by completing our projects on time and within budget. This focus is in tune with our Lean Management initiatives, where we use the latest technologies in bolting to save time, labor and money.


Vast Experience - Efficient Engineers - Desired Results

Relevant, Innovative, Affordable World-class Products and Services.

A full service

Providing professional engineering services that aim for the highest levels of client satisfaction by ensuring accurate, on schedule cost-effective solutions and services.


Project maintenance improves the chances of success of any project. We have a clear understanding of project drivers, and provide the best tools and approach to ensure that the projects we handle are consistently efficient all through the project's life.

Project Delivery

We are a reliable partner and seek creative ways to meet client specific needs, keeping budget, schedule and quality constant, whilst ensuring on time delivery of projects undertaken.

Why Choose Us

Vinipro is able and ready to tackle your toughest challenge and provide the Controlled Bolting Solutions and Products you need to increase productivity, labour efficiency and speed of operations.

Highly Qualified Efficient Team:

Our team of highly qualified and experienced Engineers as well as skilled staff are trained to execute projects of controlled bolting in any part of World.

Completely Equipped:

We have all kinds/range of tools at our disposal to carry out any controlled bolting jobs anywhere in the world.

We Focus on Lean Management:

With a rich experience of working with companies such as IOCL, HMEL, Crains Barmer, MRPL, HPCL, BPCL, LNT, Bridge & Roof, our focus is strongly on Lean Management which allows us to complete projects on time and within budget.

Result-Oriented Sales & Marketing Team:

Our Sales & Marketing Team's experience and expertise ensures we have and retain a good customer base in India, especially in the Northern Regions of India.

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Frequently asked questions
  • How to decide which method shall be employed i.e. Torquing or Tensioning for tightening of Bolts?

    The process of tightening and achieving the correct residual bolt load to maintain acceptable integrity can be achieved through both techniques however both methods are very different. “Torque” is simply a measurement of the twisting force required to spin the nut up along the threads of a bolt, whereas “Tension” is the stretch or elongation of a bolt that provides the clamping force of a joint. Decisions have to be made about torque vs. tension based on both performance requirements and budget. If you base your decision on torque vs. tension strictly on budget, irrespective of performance, any problem flange/application encountered can escalate your budget out of the proportion trying to repair these issues. It is necessary to understand your needs. If your applications have a lot of bolts to tighten, torque with a OrbitX torque wrench is a good option. However, if you have a “Critical Path Application” and you require accurate results and even bolt load, tension is worth any potential additional cost. Both ranges of tools have their advantages and their disadvantages and it is important to use the method recommended by the manufacturer. OrbitX has both the facilities in house for sales & services.

  • What is difference between Square Drive and Hex Drive Hydraulic Torquing Wrench?

    Square Drive type Hydraulic torque wrenches are used with the impact socket of size that fits on nut to be tightened. Hence Square Drive Type Hydraulic Torque Wrench covers many sizes of nuts by interchanging the Sockets. At the same time every Impact Sockets has a particular bolt clearance depth & only that much length of the stud outside the nut is manageable with Square Drive Type Hydraulic Torque Wrench. On other hand Hex Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are also known as Ultra low clearance Hydraulic Torque Wrenches which are used at space constraints locations and these cassette type torque wrenches can be mounted flat through on the nut irrespective of the length of stud outside the nut. However hex type torque wrench can be used only for the size of hex that fits on the nut or + 5 mm sizes of nuts can be managed with same wrench using hex reducer & insert sockets, thus it covers only size of nut or very few sizes (+ 5 mm) of nuts. Here also Both ranges of tools have their advantages and their disadvantages and the selection of tool depends on application or the recommendation of the designer.

  • What is difference between Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric Torque Wrenches?

    As these names suggest Hydraulic torque wrenches run on the hydraulic pressure and these hydraulic pressures are generated using the powerpack (Hydraulic Pumps). A hydraulic torque wrench is a power tool designed to exert torque on a fastener to achieve proper tightening or loosening of a connection through the use of hydraulics. A torque wrench is applied to the nut either directly or in conjunction with an impact socket. Hydraulic torque wrenches apply a predetermined, controlled amount of torque to a properly lubricated fastener.
    A pneumatic torque wrench is a planetary torque multiplier or a gearbox that is mated to a pneumatic air motor. At the end of the gearbox is a reaction device that is used to absorb the torque and allows the tool operator to use it with very little effort. The torque output is adjusted by controlling the air pressure. An electric torque wrench is a planetary torque multiplier or a "gearbox" mated to a brushless electric motor. At the end of the "gearbox" is a reaction device that is used to absorb the torque. This allows the operator of the tool to use the electric torque wrench with very little effort. These tools are primarily used anywhere accurate torque is required on a nut and bolt, or where a stubborn nut needs to be removed. Generally hydraulic torque wrenches are used when very high torque has to be achieved. Pneumatic torque wrenches are used where surrounding is dealing with inflammable fumes, gases or chemicals and Hydraulic Pumps are not allowed. Electrical torques wrenches produce less Torque compared to Hydraulic and Pneumatic and are used where there is no restriction for electric connections.

  • How to set the pressure for hydraulic torque wrench in Hydraulic Pump to achieve required torque?

    For the selection of pressure & torque very first question is that How the value of pressure is decided to set in powerpack for the delivery of required torque while using hydraulic torque wrenches? Explanation for this is OrbitX Hydraulic torque wrench is designed, manufactured & calibrated to deliver the particular torque for a particular hydraulic pressure. Orbitx Provide Pressure to Torque chart with every hydraulic torque wrench they manufactured & supply. The selection of pressure depends on the torque that has to be delivered from the available Torque Wrench. Once the pressure value is decided then another question is that how the pressure is set in a powerpack that runs the hydraulic torque wrench? For this it needs to fill the 46 grade hydraulic oil in powerpack, make hose connections to hydraulic torque wrench. Hydraulic torque wrench running powerpack has max capacity of 700 bars & the pressure gauge is fitted there. Switch on the powerpack & the required pressure can be pre set using the knob (pressure setting knob) on the powerpack, Once the setting of pressure in powerpack has done then the tool is ready to deliver the pre set torque.