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We are one stop solutions providers to Bolting Jobs, providing allied services like Flange Facing, Pipe Cutting, Re-tubbing

Serving various industries with a wide range of on-site services that are designed for Speed, Accuracy and Ease of Operation. Whether it is required for Heavy Engineering Industries, Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals & Fertilizers or Railways, we offer a complete range of precision engineered instruments and services, customized as per our clients’ needs and requirements.



Achieving the correct load on any fastener accurately and safely is much more complex than it appears. There are many factors to overcome such as thread deflection, embedment relaxation, gasket creep, and other direct load losses. Torque tightening uses the turning moment of a nut on the inclined plane of the thread at a predetermined force to load the fasteners, thus overcoming variables created by friction.



Bolt tensioning is a controlled method for bringing a series of bolts to the correct preload simultaneously. This method typically involves linear hydraulic bolt tightening. Bolt tensioning involves the use of hydraulic jacks (bolt tensioners). Applying oil pressure in the bolt tensioners makes the bolts stretch and the flange faces are pressed towards each other. Bolt tensioning involves multiple bolts in a flanged joint being tightened simultaneously. The bolt tensioners are linked together by hydraulic hoses, ensuring that each bolt is tightened with exactly the same force. This results in a uniform load on the gasket in the flanged joint.


Turnkey Bolting Projects

Every Technician of our company is well qualified to carry out any Torquing and Tensioning work related to bolting.


Tools on rent

We also supply tools and tackles required for Bolting jobs are per our customer’s need.



We provide experienced manpower for any Bolting jobs as per client requirements.