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Mechanical Torque Wrenches

Product Details

Manufacturing and Servicing industries need accurate torque tightening demanding the use of reliable, accurate torque wrenches. Orbit-X manufactures All type of Torque Wrenches to name few of them are as below:

• Standard Torque Wrenches: Adjustable torque pre-setting, click type, non ratcheting torque wrenches.

• Ratcheting Torque Wrenches: These Torque Wrenches have In built ratcheting mechanism in addition to adjustable pre-setting torque & click type mechanism.

• Production Torque Wrenches: These torque wrenches are available in both the type that is standard (non ratcheting) & ratcheting type as well.The difference is that instead of adjustable torque in range these torque wrenches have fixed torque value set to prevent anytempering by operation. Torque value is fixed while manufacturing as per the requirement of customers.

• Light weight Torque Wrenches: As the name suggest light weight high strength alloy body of these torque wrenches reduces its weight to half of the equivalent conventional Torque Wrenches.Only four model covers long range from 140 Nm to 3000 Nm.